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Company Number: 15670095

Ride in comfort and style with AV CARS LIMITED. We connect you to the people and places that matter most, safely and conveniently.

About Us

Get where you need to be, and enjoy the ride along the way. AV CARS LIMITED is more than just a taxi service - we're your link to the people and places that matter most. With comfortable, clean vehicles and friendly, professional drivers, we offer a reliable and travel experience.

Company Number: 15670095

  • Connected Journeys:

    We take you where you need to go, safely and efficiently.

  • Community Focus:

    We believe in connecting people and strengthening our city.

Our Services

Our Services

Contract Works

Our flexible Service Contracts ensure your taxi is always reliable and ready to roll. Choose a plan that fits your needs and experience the benefits

School Runs

We understand the importance of a safe school run. That's why AV CARS LIMITED offers a dedicated School Runs service, designed to give you peace of mind

Airport Transfers

Don't let navigating a new city or wrestling with luggage slow you down. AV CARS LIMITED provides seamless Airport Transfers, ensuring a smooth transition from plane to destination.

Executive Works

Experience a new level of luxury and efficiency with AV CARS LIMITED' Executive Works service. We understand the demands of a busy professional schedule, and our service is designed to seamlessly integrate into your workday.


Arrive in Style and Elegance for Your Big Day. Your wedding day deserves the perfect start. AV CARS LIMITED' Wedding Service ensures a restfull and picture-perfect arrival for you and your loved ones

Hospital Appointments

Taking Care of You, Every Step of the Way. We understand that getting to and from hospital appointments can be stressful. AV CARS LIMITED' Hospital Appointments service is here to ensure a comfortable, and stress-free journey

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